Who we are & what we do

PrimaCare Community Family Health Team is one of 200 Family Health Teams in Ontario. Family Health Teams (FHTs) are health care organizations that include a team of Family Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, Registered Nurses, Social Workers, Dietitians, and other professionals who work together to provide health care for their community.

Family Health Teams ensure that people receive the care they need in their communities, as each team is set-up based on local health and community needs. They focus on chronic disease management, disease prevention and health promotion, and work with other health care organizations, such as Public Health Units and Community Care Access Centers.

PrimaCare was one of the first funded FHTs, with its inception in 2006. It serves the rural communities of Paris, Ayr and St. George with a combined 20,000 population. In 2013, PrimaCare provided services to 12,137 community members. The organization’s primary location is located in the Willett Hospital Building in Paris. Three satellite offices are located in Ayr, Burford, and St. George.

WE ENVISION living well, living healthy, throughout life’s journey.

WE ARE COMMITTED to continuously improving the quality of care for our patients.


To effectively deliver team-based quality care to optimize the health and wellbeing of our patients, their families and the community.


  • Education

  • Understanding

  • Compassion

  • Patient Engagement

  • Team Work


Patients In Our Communities

Board of Directors

Chair, Linda Thurston-Neeley

She is our spokesperson and the community advocate providing leadership to the organization.

Vice-Chair, Suzanne Moffatt

Provides leadership and chairs monthly board meetings in the absence of the Chair.

Lead Physician, Dr. John McDonald

Liaison between the physicians and the Board providing clinical guidance to the Executive Director.

Secretary/Exec. Director, Cindy Bratt

Usually the Executive Director of the FHT takes minutes and handles all correspondence with the Board.

Treasurer, Kandace Macara

Acts as an information and reference point for the Chair and other committee members.

Board Members

PrimaCare physicians and community members bring a variety of skills and disciplines to the Board.


Dr. Mark Piercy

Dr. Alexander Quinlan

Dr. Cathy Hanley


John Bell

Elaine Campbell

Don Cardy

Pat Rivett