PrimaCare will be located in a new building starting in November. See details and Frequently Asked Questions here!



Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is moving?

Dr. Tamale, Dr. McDonald, Dr. Raja, and Dr. Piercy’s offices as well as the PrimaCare Family Health Team will all be moving.
This includes all of our services including: Dietitians, Social Worker, Psychiatry, Pharmacy programs, INR Clinic, After Hours Clinic, and Breathing (Spirometry) Clinic. Chiropody will be moving to a separate location.

Q: Where are you going?

Dr. McDonald, Dr. Raja, Dr. Tamale, and the Family Health Team along with all of our services will be moving to:
65 Dundas St. E, Paris, ON

Dr. Piercy’s Office will be located at 45 Stanley St., Ayr, ON

Chiropody Services will be located at 108 St. George St., Brantford, ON

The Blood Pressure Clinic is located at 12 William St., Paris, ON (Paris Public Library)

Never Too Late is located at 74 Scott Ave., Paris, ON (CORE Dance Studio)

Q: When will you be moving?

We anticipate that we will be moving in the first couple days of November 2018. We will continue to update information as we confirm dates. UPDATE: WE ARE NOW MOVING NOVEMBER 24TH 2018

Q: What phone number should I call to reach my doctor’s office?

All phone numbers will remain the same. You can reach your doctor and PrimaCare the same way you always have.

Q: I have an upcoming appointment, do I still have it? Where will it be?

Any appointments you have made will remain the same. You will be notified if they are affected in any way by the move, or if they will be located in the new building.

Q: Is this permanent?

The locations are temporary. We expect to be here for approximately two years, until we can move into a new Brant Community Health Hub.

Q: Is there free parking?

Yes! We are committed to offering free parking to our patients. The new location will have a parking lot on site, and there will be no charge.

Q: Is the new site accessible?

All doctor’s waiting areas and offsite programs continue to remain fully accessible.

There are stairs leading to the Family Health Team waiting room (for Social Work, Dietitian, INR Clinic, Psychiatry) as well as some exam rooms, please inform us beforehand if you require an accessible room and there will be one made available for you.

Q: What is happening at the Willett?

We do not have details on the plans for the future of the Willett. We support BCHS in bringing more services to our community, and look forward to seeing what they do. To find out more you can find contact information for BCHS at or at their reception.