Frequently asked questions

The frequently asked questions below, and their answers, are meant to give you some basic insight about our Family Health Team. These questions and answers do not cover every aspect of our operations. You can find more current information and answers to specific questions by calling us.

What is primary care?

Primary care focuses on health care services, including health promotion, illness and injury prevention, and the diagnosis and treatment of illness and injury.

What is a family health team?

A family health team is an approach to primary health care that brings together different health care providers to coordinate the highest possible quality of care for the patients in our community.

I’m looking for a doctor. How do I find one?

Health Care Connect is a service that helps Ontario residents find a physician. To contact Health Care Connect either call them at 1-800-445-1822 or visit them on line to register for their services.

I am not a PrimaCare patient. Am I able to access services from IHPs?

Most of the services of the PrimaCare Community Family Health Team are only available to patients rostered to our doctors. We do offer some programs that are open to the general population including Never Too Late, our Registered Dietitians, and public education sessions.

Are you opened weekends for on-call consultation?

PrimaCare is open to see patients by appointment Monday through Friday except for statutory holidays. If it is an urgent medical need please go to the nearest emergency department, urgent care or call 911.

Would I be able to see a doctor the same day at your clinic?

You should ALWAYS try to contact your family physician first to book an appointment before calling us. There may be appointments available for urgent medical problems during regular office hours with your family physician.

If I am sick after work hours how do I see a doctor?

If you think it is an emergency, you should go to the nearest emergency room, urgent care or call 911. Otherwise, our Family Health Team offers extended hours Monday through Friday from 5:00PM to 8:00PM. Our clinic operates by appointments and walk ins, if capacity allows. Please call the clinic to see if there are spaces still available.

When should I use the After Hours Clinic?

If you have a cough or cold, fever, sinus infection, urinary tract infection or skin rash or irritation which you feel cannot wait until a routine appointment with your Family Physician, then the After Hours Clinic is able to assist you. The After Hours Clinic is not meant to replace the complex and continuing care that your Family Physician provides.

Do I need an appointment to access programs and services at PrimaCare?

Our programs and services operate by appointment only, except for our After Hours Clinic and Blood Pressure Clinic. PrimaCare is not a walk in medical facility and in order to access our programs and services, you have to be a patient of one of the PCCFHT Physicians.

Can I come to the After Hours Clinic to get my prescription renewed?

Medication renewals are best managed by your own health care provider during regular office hours. Please call your doctor’s office. Also, this service is not for routine office visits and you will not be seen for the following:

Routine blood pressure checks

Regular prescription renewals

Results of lab tests or procedures

Requests for referrals, procedures or for appointments with your own doctor

Is your office wheelchair accessible?

Our office is wheelchair accessible. We strive to provide access to programs and services for patients with disabilities in a way that respects their rights to dignity, independence and integration.

Do I need to bring my health card to every appointment?

It’s necessary that you present your health card to the front desk at every appointment in order to receive care. You must also ensure that your health card is not expired.

What is Ontario Telehealth?

Telehealth Ontario also provides free access to a registered nurse 24/7 at 1-866-797-0000. A nurse can provide both health advice on a specific problem or general health information. They do not diagnose and do not replace your physician or 911.

Didn’t find the answer?

If you still have very specific questions that need clarification or need additional assistance, please call us or send us a quick message using the form below, and we will be glad to help you. Please do not use this form to communicate any confidential information or obtaining medical advice.

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